Data are dump, analysts can be smart

“If I could sum up the message of this book in one pithy phrase, it would be that you are smarter than your data. Data do not understand causes and effects; humans do.”

Judea Pearl: The Book of Why. The New Science of Cause and Effect

MvP: That‘s an important lesson and part of the causal revolution Judea Pearl illustrates in great depth. This is especially important in an era which seems to be driven by numbers. Statements not immediately supported by statistics are far too often regarded as unsound.

However, even if data tell you that people recovered faster having taken medicine, nothing is known about the reason. In fact it remains unclear, whether or not medicine had any effect. 

To take it one step further: Artificial intelligence or better to say machine learning seems to be rather impressive but has nothing to do with intelligence. Data and machines lack a model of reality. And that is exactly what Judea Pearl wanted to show: „data are profoundly dumb.

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